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Align Chair

Realign your body with Chair Yoga

  • 48 Singapore dollars

Service Description

Align Chair Yoga is a safe and gentle form of yoga that is practiced while sitting on a chair or standing using a chair for support. This also works on the alignment of yoga postures and allow you to engage your muscles in the right way. The yoga postures effectively help one find the centre, ground the mind and body. Align Chair is an amazing way to safely stretch and strengthen the body. They are not only suitable for beginners, seniors, or those with limited mobility or injuries to practice, in fact everyone can benefit with a sense of ease and relaxation flow through your body while in the postures. Over time, you will notice the tension that once overtook your muscles and joints begins to release, and basic tasks of daily life are once again possible. Benefits of Align Chair: - Increase flexibility - Increase strength - Increase range of mobility - Maintain healthy joints - Improve self-awareness - Improve pain management - Reduce stress - Better sleep Start on the path to wellness with Align Chair. Level: All Levels Intensity: Low to Medium

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations take place less than 3 hours before class starts will be considered as late cancellation, and class credit will be deducted accordingly.

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