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Prenatal Yoga
One-to-One Private Session

Mommy Yoga Start-up Pack

Sign up for a Prenatal Private Class pack and get a FREE Mommy Yoga Start-up Pack worth $300 now. Start-up pack includes the essentials items - yoga mat, yoga blocks x 2 pcs, yoga straps x 2 pcs and bolster, which help moms with their daily practices.

In-Studio or Home Classes

Moms can select "Private Prenatal A" In-Studio Class Pack, where classes are conducted in our studio located at Clarke Quay, central region of Singapore.


Moms who love to practice yoga in the comfort of your own home, you can select "Private Prenatal B" Home Private Class Pack, where classes can be arranged to be conducted in your home or condominium studio facilities. Rental fees not inclusive in the class pack.

Dads are Welcomed

The best thing of all - Dads get to join the classes with Moms for FREE - only if Moms allow.

Dads can practice together with Moms, or be there as a supportive partner. This helps to create bonding between the couples and their babies.

Certified Prenatal/Postnatal
Yoga Instructors

Our Yoga Instructors are Registered Prenatal Yoga Teacher (RPYT) certified by Yoga Alliance, which is international recognized. Moms can be assured that you and your babies will be in safe hands. You can simply let go, trust the instructor, and enjoy the practice.

One-to-One Individual
Private Instructor Dedicated

We will dedicate a main yoga instructor to each Mom, with a secondary yoga instructor in case of need. This will help Moms feel more comfortable and at ease, with individual attention. Classes can also be customized and easily followed through. 

Encouragement is given for Moms to develop your own private practice with postures specifically aimed to alleviate aches, pains and discomfort, which help makes pregnancy more enjoyable.

Weekly Baby Development
Prenatal Yoga Practice

Weekly yoga practices and programs are planned according to the growth and development of your baby.

Postnatal Yoga one-to-one private classes are also available for Moms, specially designed according to your delivery and body conditions (natural or caesarean birth). Any unused Prenatal Yoga classes can be converted to Postnatal Yoga classes after your delivery.

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