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Fengshui Water Element Incense Sticks - 1 Box of 20 Sticks.

Brand: GR
Country: India
Item Length: +/- 22cm per stick


Feng Shui incense is developed from the five elements (wood, fire, earth, metal and water) to contribute to the harmony of your environment. This Water Element incense stick stimulates fearlessness, endurance, tenacity, serenity, balance and conscious wisdom.


Feng Shui Water Incense sticks smell good, which captivates all the senses. Its effects are extremely soothing on the whole mind and calming on tired nerves. Regular use of this incense stick entices the positive energy to bring good luck for the concerned person.

This incense stick is made in India by the GR company. It is hand rolled from the finest ingredients. Each individual Hex shaped box contains 20 incense sticks.


Incense sticks are attractive to the senses and are pleasing to the eyes and nose. Incense sticks can be use to enhance the scent of a room or office, during prayers, religious ceremony, meditation or yoga practice.

Fengshui Water GR Incense Sticks


Always store your incense sticks in a cool dry place. If they pick up too much moisture, they will not burn properly or decrease the quality of incense.

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