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轮瑜伽 Wheel Yoga (CH)

强度:低 - 中 中文瑜伽班

  • 48 Singapore dollars

Service Description

轮瑜伽班,使用瑜伽轮道具,可帮助安全地进入更深的姿势以加深平时的练习,并提供恢复效果,为身体创造空间,按摩脊柱对脊柱恢复作用,还能带来运动的额外好处。 瑜伽轮还能帮助你打开整个前体,从肩膀、胸部、腹部,甚至是臀部。这有助于缓解弯腰驼背和弯腰驼背会导致不良姿势,并在这些区域创造更多的空间,以增加活动范围,减少紧张和紧张。 轮瑜伽课适合初级至中级者报名参加。

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations take place less than 3 hours before class starts will be considered as late cancellation, and class credit will be deducted accordingly.

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