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Full Moon Sound Bath

Release and restore with the energy of full moon

  • 58 Singapore dollars

Service Description

Full Moon Sound Bath will connect your heart to the transformative energy of the full moon. We often feel emotions more deeply during the full moon, so this is the perfect time to release and relax. Allow yourself to be bathed in the sacred sound vibrations under the growing full moon, which will enable you to move into a deeply meditative state through which your body can effortlessly repair and restore itself. Lying on a yoga mat, you will be bathed in the relaxing healing sounds of Himalayan singing bowls, bells, drums and chimes, allowing a deep state of stillness to set in. As each instrument is played, the sound is absorbed inwards. These live sounds produce a vibration that taps into our body’s natural vibrations allowing us to experience a profound state of meditation and relaxation. It’s in this state that our body inhibits the release of cortisol, our stress hormone, and allows the body and mind time to rest and repair. This sound also works on the chakras, enabling the body, mind and spirit to move back into a deeper state of balance. Through use of these sounds we begin to shed the dense heavier energy of daily life, thus raising our vibrational energy, allowing us to effortlessly attract higher frequency people and experiences into our lives. Sound has been used therapeutically for centuries to retune, realign, and harmonize trauma or imbalances on the physical, mental, or emotional levels. Join us to enjoy the wonderful experience of a full moon sound bath. Sound healing is effective because it influences our emotional bodies as well as our physical bodies. Different sound vibrations interact with our physical and energetic bodies in beneficial ways: - Activates Higher States of Consciousness - Unlocks Blocked Emotions - Relieves Anxiety and Stress - Induces Complete Relaxation - Promotes Deep Meditation - Heightens Clarity - Improves Ability to Concentrate - Relieves Insomnia - Decreases Depression - Normalizes Blood Pressure - Relieves Physical Pain - Release Emotional Trauma

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Cancellation Policy

Cancellations take place less than 3 hours before class starts will be considered as late cancellation, and class credit will be deducted accordingly.

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