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Sound Bath

Immerse yourself into the healing power of sound.

  • 48 Singapore dollars

Service Description

Sound bath helps realign, re-tune and raise your body’s vibrational frequency with different pitches and tones created by various healing instruments. Feel the resonance of these vibrating sound waves, as you bring your body’s emotional, physical and mental energies into alignment. Sound bath helps you focus on the present moment and clear your mind of distractions. It can help you get rid of negative emotions, like anger and frustration. It can help you achieve deeper states of relaxation, which can lead to better sleep, reduced stress levels, and improved moods. Sound bath is especially useful for people who struggle with insomnia. It also promote spiritual well-being, increase energy levels, and enhance creativity. Participants can either lie down on the mat or get seated comfortably during the session. Recommended to get yourself dressed in loose and comfy clothing for better experience.

Upcoming Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations take place less than 3 hours before class starts will be considered as late cancellation, and class credit will be deducted accordingly.

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